My Toons

The Hunter:

Faerondil –  Worgen Hunter (Survival) Level 85

My oldest toon. I love playing hunters. I have always liked the archer/ranger archetypes. And I love pets! Hunter pets add a lot of fun and variety to an already fun class.

Faer (as my old raidmates called him) began life as a night elf. After a short stint as a spy on the blood elves (faction change) after the his adventures in Northrend, he returned to the Alliance to help with the Gilnean campaign. He was overwhelmed by a pack of wild worgen and was bitten. His druid brethren showed him the way to calm the savage rage and now true to his hunter nature glories in his beastial form!

The Night Song Brigade: (Twinks)


Shígeru  – Worgen Hunter (Survival) Level 24

As much as I love playing my rogue, this guy is going to be my Twink Main. I just love hunters! … and pets.

Takeô – Night Elf Rogue (Subtlety) Level 24

Still a work in progress. I started with a hunter who was already 24 and well geared (since deleted) . But I just love playing this guy in battlegrounds. Especially hunting down flag carriers in Warsong Gulch.


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