The Guild


We’re not just a guild we are a family!

Realm: Exodar

<Kindred> is a guild that my brother and I originally created after our 25-man raiding group disintegrated when our GM ninjaed the bank and disbanded the guild. This was back in the Burning Crusade days. Our intent was to start a small guild with our RL friends and some other core raid team members we were close to and grow from that point. Unfortunately none of these folks had the patience to see this idea come to fruition. So for a long time <Kindred> has been only an Alt/Bank guild. But no more!

After some discussion with my brother, we have decided to make <Kindred> into a casual guild with a focus on Twinking in the 24s bracket as well as Heroic Dungeons and Raid Finder Raids . However, toons of all levels are welcome! Currently we have several members. What we are looking to build is a small close-knit guild of like minded people.


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