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Well I have been silent on here for some time. My brother is taking a break (new girlfriend.. lol) and most of our friends seem to be also. So I haven’t played as much the past few months.

A while back, I posted about with limited play time the need to find focus. My idea then was to Focus on my Hunter, leveling my Feral Druid, and my Twink Rogue. My idea for my Druid was to tank. I have discussed before about liking the idea of my Druid and that still persists. I really like looking at my characters and playing a druid does not satisfy that want. Also I found I do not like tanking. Sure playing a cat and saving the day by popping bear form when the tank dies is pretty cool, but full time.. not my cup of tea. I just don’t really want to learn a new playstyle. So for endgame, I will stay DPS. I like questing, dungeons, raids, and battlegrounds with my Hunter just fine.

But I do still love low level PvP and tinkering with other toons at low level in general. Hence the birth of the Night Song Brigade and the alteration of the blog’s name. So I am going to create a small stable of level 24 alts that I can play around with and twink for the 20-24 bracket. I work and have a family, so I only play about 7–10 hours a week and dont have time for the constant gear grind. I would rather twink and be geared than the constant carrot on a stick Blizzard makes you chase. This is exactly why I have become interested in Twinking in general and why this specific bracket appeals to me and not 70s. I have just 1 level 85 and do not care to learn to master or gear any alt classes at high level. But with low level toons, I can branch out from my main’s class. Also with my limited play time I have no desire to sit in long queues that any bracket other than 20-24s and 70-74s have.

I still have to fight my urge to play Blood Elves to stay focused. If ever do give in.. I will probably level a Belf Rogue for PvP only since I am having so much fun with my 24 Rogue.

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Those Darn Belfs!

Curse you Sin’ Dorei.. Last night after running the Hour of Twilight heroics with my guildies, I decided to visit Shattrath just for nostalgia. Back during Burning Crusade, I spent so many hours there.  So tooling around I think ‘hey… I also spent a ton of time on Quel’ Danas. Let’s go check it out!’.  Mistake. It puts my new commitment to focus on just 3 characters to the test. By and large I greatly prefer the Alliance to the Horde.. but, I simply love blood elves. The lore, music, scenery, and architecture are just awesome! Eversong woods is simply breathtaking…  As much as I love Gilneas and Teldressil,  Quel’ Thalas is my favorite starter zone overall.

Be strong, must stay away from Blood Elves

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