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Well I have been silent on here for some time. My brother is taking a break (new girlfriend.. lol) and most of our friends seem to be also. So I haven’t played as much the past few months.

A while back, I posted about with limited play time the need to find focus. My idea then was to Focus on my Hunter, leveling my Feral Druid, and my Twink Rogue. My idea for my Druid was to tank. I have discussed before about liking the idea of my Druid and that still persists. I really like looking at my characters and playing a druid does not satisfy that want. Also I found I do not like tanking. Sure playing a cat and saving the day by popping bear form when the tank dies is pretty cool, but full time.. not my cup of tea. I just don’t really want to learn a new playstyle. So for endgame, I will stay DPS. I like questing, dungeons, raids, and battlegrounds with my Hunter just fine.

But I do still love low level PvP and tinkering with other toons at low level in general. Hence the birth of the Night Song Brigade and the alteration of the blog’s name. So I am going to create a small stable of level 24 alts that I can play around with and twink for the 20-24 bracket. I work and have a family, so I only play about 7–10 hours a week and dont have time for the constant gear grind. I would rather twink and be geared than the constant carrot on a stick Blizzard makes you chase. This is exactly why I have become interested in Twinking in general and why this specific bracket appeals to me and not 70s. I have just 1 level 85 and do not care to learn to master or gear any alt classes at high level. But with low level toons, I can branch out from my main’s class. Also with my limited play time I have no desire to sit in long queues that any bracket other than 20-24s and 70-74s have.

I still have to fight my urge to play Blood Elves to stay focused. If ever do give in.. I will probably level a Belf Rogue for PvP only since I am having so much fun with my 24 Rogue.

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Druid forms…

Having decided to go ahead and level my druid, I was talking to my brother the other day (I will call him Vallas here after his druid main from now on) about thinking that one of the reasons I never leveled this guy is because you spend all your time in forms and never ‘see’ the character progress. Vallas shared that was always one of the things that frustrated him the most was never really seeing his druid’s gear. For my part, when I was originally leveling my bear, it was back in Burning Crusade and I was very disatisfied with the old feral forms. The feral forms are much better now. I am not too concerned about seeing my gear. On Faerondil (my hunter), I am loving tranmog. I tend to like older, simpler models for my gear, especially on a Worgen. But I would like a little more customization for my feral forms so I can feel somewhat unique in-game.

Here are a few things we discussed:

Character Customization – I think the changes you make at the character creation screen or in the barber’s chair should effect how your Bear and Cat forms appear. Right now only the skin’s coloration changes based on hair color. Skin tone could change the color of the marking or mane, face could change the beastial faces, hairstyle could change the size and shape of ears, and facial hair could add braided tufts of hair or braided goatees.

Make animal forms were-forms – Vallas would like to see the forms changed to be more like the Worgen werewolf form. So when you switch into Bear or Cat form, you become a Werebear/Werecat. Also when you switch to travel form you would become a Werecheetah and get down on all fours like Running Wild. Then your gear could be shown even in a shape shifted form. He also would like to see a cooldown like Tree of Life where you switch into an pure savage animal form with some decent combat modifiers.

Have the bling/markings scale with iLevel – Currently Bear and Cat form have a bit of tribal markings and bling. What if you got more marking/bling or what you do have gets bigger,more ornate, or glows more as your item level increases?

Also to me, Bear form really needs to be a bit larger. I’d say about 50%. Maybe size could scale by character level. Say 5% every 10 levels above 30 so at level 80 you top out at 150% the current size.

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For some time I have been listening to a few WoW related podcasts. There are many out there ranging from what sounds like people just recording their in-game conversations on vent to shows that have top-notch production values rivaling any FM radio show. These are a few that I like:

The Instance: Scott Johnson, Dills, and Turpster – Although The Instance may not be the best place for in-depth information, this show’s polish is beyond compare. Imagine your favorite morning radio show, but about World of Warcraft. The Instance has 3 main segments: Big News of the Week, Rumors and Scuttlebutt, and Towne Crier. The first 2 seem self-explanatory to me and Towne Crier is a listener Q&A segment. The main show is usually followed by several short segments from others in the WoW community. These segments include comedy skits and informational bits.

Convert to Raid: Pat Krane and the CtR Crew – Another show that is high on entertainment value and polish. As you may have guessed from the name, this one is all about raiding. This show is also divided into segments. Raiding News covers the latest rumors and news that affects raiding. The War Room is all about in depth Boss Strats. The Scouting Report spotlights different classes and specs. Most often they have a guest on the show who is an expert at playing that particular class and spec. Leading the Raid discusses leadership issues within guilds and raid teams. CtR is also followed by mini segments, many by the same folks as those on The Instance (just different subject matter).

The Hunting Party Podcast: Euripedes, Darkbrew, and Frostheim – If you love Hunters, you will love this show. While not quite as high on production values as The Instance and CtR, this show is extremely well done and professional. It is jam packed with the latest hunter news and info. And the guys even throw in a wee bit of comedy too!

Team Waffle Podcast – This is a Podcast about Druids in World of Warcraft. If you are scratching your head at the show’s title, listen to the first episode for the explaination. While this show is definitely a more amateur affair compared to the previous 3 shows, it does have lots of great information about druids. There aren’t many druid podcasts out there and Team Waffle is the best druid podcast I have found by far.

So if you have a long commute or work from a computer and can have earbuds in, I recommend hitting I tunes and seeing what the podcasting world has to offer you!

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Life’s a Bear!

Well after about 4 years of mostly sitting idle… The Bear is back in town! Well sort of…

Last Thursday while waiting for others to come online to run heroics, my brother suggested running Dungeon Finder on his mage and my druid. I told him that other than using him as a banker, I had not done anything on my druid for some time and that I had never tanked with him, only quested. He said to go kitty and not worry about not having my bars set up since it was just a low level random.

So we queue up and get a pop for Razorfen Downs within about 10 minutes or so. I used those 10 minutes to post some auctions on the AH. I should have used them to read up on kitty DPS (even though his feral spec is mostly a bear spec). We ended up in a group with a hunter and a warrior tank. My DPS was pretty low, not horrible. In the first boss fight the tank died and I went bear and saved a wipe! That felt really good.. LOL.

Well then some drama ensued between the hunter and the tank. The tank did not want to do a full clear to complete the quests since he had already done them. He soon dropped group and so did the healer. So we proceeded to clear more trash while waiting for the group to fill with me in Bear form. That went pretty good. Then we got another tank and healer to complete the dungeon but not any other bosses. So the 3 of us went back to the boss that comes when you ring a gong and I tanked it without a healer. We barely got it, but it was awesome! Funny thing was I did more DPS as a bear than I did in kitty form anyway… I still had claw on my kitty bars and not mangle! LOL

So I am now definitely looking forward to leveling my baby Bear and tanking some more!

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