About Me

Hello, Faer here!

Let’s see.. Personal stuff first. I am 44, have a gorgeous wife, a 19 year old daughter, and 4 year old son who is quite a corker! I love motorcycles, the outoors, fantasy football, books and movies (mostly fantasy or science fiction but also a wee bit of everything just like my musical tastes).

I have been playing World of Warcraft since the summer of 2007. My brother and some friends with whom I shared other nerdy interests convinced me to play. So I bought the vanilla box, rolled a night elf hunter on Exodar (where they were playing at the time), and never looked back. At various times I have been an officer, raid leader, and guild master. One thing I regret about my play time is not just enjoying the game at my own pace. I always felt I needed to rush to level cap, shoulder responsibilites for the raid group or guild. I used to shake my head to myself at friends or guildies who just didn’t seem motivated as I was.. What are they doing in that dungeon??, just level.. Why waste time chasing that piece of gear??, it will be obsolete in a couple of levels… Geezz farming another companion pet, why bother?? Well… now I must say I see they were right and I was wrong.. Just play and take your time to see all that you want to see…..

So anyway, I thought blogging about my experiences in Azeroth might be fun. Some place to post musings, rants, triumphs, and maybe even a wee bit of roleplay short story here and there.


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