Druid forms…

24 Feb

Having decided to go ahead and level my druid, I was talking to my brother the other day (I will call him Vallas here after his druid main from now on) about thinking that one of the reasons I never leveled this guy is because you spend all your time in forms and never ‘see’ the character progress. Vallas shared that was always one of the things that frustrated him the most was never really seeing his druid’s gear. For my part, when I was originally leveling my bear, it was back in Burning Crusade and I was very disatisfied with the old feral forms. The feral forms are much better now. I am not too concerned about seeing my gear. On Faerondil (my hunter), I am loving tranmog. I tend to like older, simpler models for my gear, especially on a Worgen. But I would like a little more customization for my feral forms so I can feel somewhat unique in-game.

Here are a few things we discussed:

Character Customization – I think the changes you make at the character creation screen or in the barber’s chair should effect how your Bear and Cat forms appear. Right now only the skin’s coloration changes based on hair color. Skin tone could change the color of the marking or mane, face could change the beastial faces, hairstyle could change the size and shape of ears, and facial hair could add braided tufts of hair or braided goatees.

Make animal forms were-forms – Vallas would like to see the forms changed to be more like the Worgen werewolf form. So when you switch into Bear or Cat form, you become a Werebear/Werecat. Also when you switch to travel form you would become a Werecheetah and get down on all fours like Running Wild. Then your gear could be shown even in a shape shifted form. He also would like to see a cooldown like Tree of Life where you switch into an pure savage animal form with some decent combat modifiers.

Have the bling/markings scale with iLevel – Currently Bear and Cat form have a bit of tribal markings and bling. What if you got more marking/bling or what you do have gets bigger,more ornate, or glows more as your item level increases?

Also to me, Bear form really needs to be a bit larger. I’d say about 50%. Maybe size could scale by character level. Say 5% every 10 levels above 30 so at level 80 you top out at 150% the current size.

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