Life’s a Bear!

20 Feb

Well after about 4 years of mostly sitting idle… The Bear is back in town! Well sort of…

Last Thursday while waiting for others to come online to run heroics, my brother suggested running Dungeon Finder on his mage and my druid. I told him that other than using him as a banker, I had not done anything on my druid for some time and that I had never tanked with him, only quested. He said to go kitty and not worry about not having my bars set up since it was just a low level random.

So we queue up and get a pop for Razorfen Downs within about 10 minutes or so. I used those 10 minutes to post some auctions on the AH. I should have used them to read up on kitty DPS (even though his feral spec is mostly a bear spec). We ended up in a group with a hunter and a warrior tank. My DPS was pretty low, not horrible. In the first boss fight the tank died and I went bear and saved a wipe! That felt really good.. LOL.

Well then some drama ensued between the hunter and the tank. The tank did not want to do a full clear to complete the quests since he had already done them. He soon dropped group and so did the healer. So we proceeded to clear more trash while waiting for the group to fill with me in Bear form. That went pretty good. Then we got another tank and healer to complete the dungeon but not any other bosses. So the 3 of us went back to the boss that comes when you ring a gong and I tanked it without a healer. We barely got it, but it was awesome! Funny thing was I did more DPS as a bear than I did in kitty form anyway… I still had claw on my kitty bars and not mangle! LOL

So I am now definitely looking forward to leveling my baby Bear and tanking some more!

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