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30 Jan

I entered first half of Dragon Soul via Raid Finder for the first time last Thursday with Faerondil. My brother and some friends were running some vanilla raids, so I queued up solo.

I must say I like RF more in theory than in practice. Some thoughts:

First off, the queue as DPS is really quick.. probably less than 5 minutes. Which is great since queueing for heroics as a solo DPS usually takes me 30 minutes.

The difficulty is too far on the easy side. I understand why Blizz did this since it is a giant PuG with no communication outside of Raid chat. There is very little explaination of the fight or strategy discussion prior to the pull. Occassionally someone will post a raid warning telling what add to kill or something. For the most part though the instance is so easy that you don’t need much instruction.

Plenty of Douchebaggery abounds. Noob gets thrown around alot to anyone who dies to some fight mechanic, even though no one has explained any of the fight mechanics. In the Eye of Eternity, I was killed by an ice wave I did not see coming until it was too late. After some jerk proceeded to t-bag my toon’s corpse. But there was a nice healer who rezzed me once the fight was over before leaving the raid.

It also emphasized to me why I prefer 10 man raids to 25 man raids. There are so many people doing so much stuff that your screen is chaos, sensory overload.

Raid Finder has it’s place and definitely will help gear up a character. But is a poor substitute for raiding with 9 other friends or guildmates.

This may be a bit premature since I haven’t done the 2nd half of dragon soul, but the Hour of Twilight heroics are much more fun to me!

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