Those Darn Belfs!

13 Jan

Curse you Sin’ Dorei.. Last night after running the Hour of Twilight heroics with my guildies, I decided to visit Shattrath just for nostalgia. Back during Burning Crusade, I spent so many hours there.  So tooling around I think ‘hey… I also spent a ton of time on Quel’ Danas. Let’s go check it out!’.  Mistake. It puts my new commitment to focus on just 3 characters to the test. By and large I greatly prefer the Alliance to the Horde.. but, I simply love blood elves. The lore, music, scenery, and architecture are just awesome! Eversong woods is simply breathtaking…  As much as I love Gilneas and Teldressil,  Quel’ Thalas is my favorite starter zone overall.

Be strong, must stay away from Blood Elves

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