Hour of Twilight

11 Jan

Last night I ran the new Hour of Twilight heroics for the first time on Faerondil with my brother and Cerebral, a non-guild friend. We had a great time. My brother tanked on his Druid, Vallas. Cerebral is a mage extraordinaire. His DPS was top-notch. Mine was up and down. I still have alot of PvP gear and am not comfortable yet with my PvE SV rotation. The past year I have mostly PvPed as BM. Between quests and drops I got 4 pieces of 378 gear. A chest, belt, ring, and the Arrow of Time trinket. So now I should be geared well enough for the Raid Finder, although I would like to replace as much as possible of the 5 remaining PvP pieces I have.

All the instances have cool raid-like mechanics and are fairly challenging. End of Time was neat as you are fighting shades of famous NPCs such as Tyrande and Sylvanas. I think we wiped twice. In our group for this instance, we had ‘the healer who just stands in the poo all the time’ so that explains the wipes. Well of Eternity.. what can I say but absolutely stunning. It was alot of fun. Visually it is gorgeous, right up there with Magister’s Terrace as the best looking 5-man dungeon! The scenery is like a fusion of night elf and blood elf, with a little Mount Hyjal thrown in. Which makes sense, since at that time the blood elves (Highborne) were night elves. It was cool to return to some of the Northrend scenery in the Hour of Twilight. However, Well of Eternity was definitely my fave! Plus you get to roll with the ultimate WoW bad boy.. Illidan Stormrage!! I can’t wait to run that one some more..

After the run, I had a totally noob moment…  two of the dungeon quests reward 378 ranged weapons, a gun and a bow. Immediately upon seeing the gun I knew it was a tanking weapon and took it just for the vendor value and maybe transmog. However the bow I thought looked cool and would definitely be an upgrade from my 359 PvP bow. And we all know bows are always agility based hunter weapons that rogues like to ninja. So off I run to the AH to buy a flintlock’s woodchucker and apply it to the bow, only to realize (after applying said scope to said bow) that it too was a tanking weapon… DOH! That scope cost me $700+ gold. I felt like a retard. But WTF Blizz.. tanking ranged weapons, at least to me, always seemed to be guns not bows!!

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